First Place | Bible Time Handbook for Parents


First Place by Marian Thomsen is a simple guide to discipling your children through the habit of Bible Time. It outlines the basics of Bible time, how to prepare for Bible Time and what Bible Time could look like in your home.



Bible Time is a part of your life. Who you are. What you do. It is a means of cultivating your children’s understanding of God and His Word. Of helping your children grow in their personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

It calls for dependence on God, partnership with Him and much prayer. And yet it is simple and enjoyed one day at a time.

In First Place, Marian Thomsen answers such questions as: What is Bible Time? Why have Bible Time? How much time should Bible Time take? When should I begin Bible Time with my children? How can I have Bible Time with my baby? How do I actually do Bible Time with my kids?

Full of practical help for parents.

87 pages

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