The Mission. The Story. The Team.

Here at Sons of Decision we are committed to helping you as parents, help your son love Jesus and grow in his personal relationship with Him. We are passionate about this mission not just because it’s important, but because we’ve seen it proved true in our own lives. 

As one of five boys, my adventures growing up were many –  including jumping off the chicken coop and getting thrown from a tractor. In my twenties the greatest adventure of my life began when I put my trust in the Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. 

The Lord provided godly men who discipled me and helped me to know what it meant to grow in my new relationship with God. Now, many years later as a husband, father and disciplemaker, I see even more clearly how important it is for parent’s to invest spiritually in the lives of their children. For fathers to invest in their sons.

My family shares my passion for discipleship. We want to share with others what has been – and is – such a blessing to us!

May the Lord bless you abundantly as you encourage your son to love Jesus and grow in Him. We’re here to support you through special events, blog posts, our email newsletter and practical resources. 

Go for it, Dad and Mom! We’re cheering for you.

In Christ,


For the Team

Kirk Thomsen is a speaker, blogger and ordinary guy, with a great passion for discipleship. For over thirty years he and his wife Marian have sought to not only walk with God themselves, but to help others – first and foremost their own children as they came along – to do the same. 

Kirk is President of Decision Foundation and a discipleship mentor to a growing number of men who have a hunger for Christ and His Word. Kirk worked in the corporate world for many years and has a deep desire to see other men find hope in Christ and pass it on to their family.

Marian is a wife, mother, teacher and author who loves encouraging moms in discipling their children. She organizes annual retreats for daughters of many ages and has written numerous products to help mothers disciple their daughters. She writes for mom’s on Daughters of Decision.

Kirk and his wife Marian also have a heart for homeschooling. They homeschooled their three girls all the way through high school and love encouraging other parents to do the same. The Thomsen Family lives and serves in the beautiful state of Ohio.